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We have recently been through this very process ourselves, and felt that we should compile a FREE website that provides links to all the study resources and free online citizenship tests that we can find. This wasn't available for us when we were studying, and we wanted to make sure it was for future Citizenship candidates. There are many tests - some worth doing and some not worth doing! Many that just want to sell you their study guides. You will find it much easier for you and your family if all the most useful websites are all linked from just ONE site. Remember to bookmark this page - You will be back many times as you prepare for your exam! The Citizenship Test is easy if you have worked through the Discover Canada study guide and completed lots of different, online practice tests. Enjoy and Good Luck with your Canadian Citizenship Test!


Practice Tests

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Test Day

Find out what will happen on the Test Day here

Study Resources

Find everything that you will need to LEARN here

The Ceremony

Find out what will happen at your Citizenship Ceremony here

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Please help us to keep this website FREE by treating us to a "thank you" cup of coffee! We are running low on caffeine due to the 1,000's of cups of coffee we consumed when we researched and compiled this website. We want to keep this site FREE for as long as possible. Through our own experiences we know that because of this site, the lives of those who are wanting to proudly become new Canadian Citizens, have been made a little easier - And that's a good thing! Good luck with your Canadian Citizenship Test!

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