Citizenship Practice Test No.12


1. Give an example of how you can help in your neighbourhood….


2. What is known as the Great Upheaval ?


3. Who are the Aboriginal peoples of Canada?


4. Who suggested the term Dominion of Canada in 1864?


5. In the 1850’s Canada’s soldiers started to use what emblem on their cap badge?


6. During the War of 1812 the Americans burned down the Parliament Buildings in York. What did the British and Canadians do in retaliation?


7. Together, these two individuals invented the first electric light bulb…..


8. What is the final step in a bill becoming law?


9. There is a clear distinction between head of state and head of Government.


10. What is the British North America Act of 1867 now known as?


11. In Canada, citizens are allowed to question the police about their service or conduct – If they feel the need to.


12. What are the first two lines of the National Anthem?


13. What is the second most popular sport in Canada?


14. When is Labour day celebrated in Canada?


15. The Peace Arch situated at Blaine Washington symbolizes what?


16. Name the provinces in the Atlantic Region


17. Which three oceans line Canada’s frontiers?


18. Name the five Great lakes


19. Name the Prairie Provinces


20. What is the Capital of North West Territories?


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