Practice Test No.10


1. Where was the Magna Carta signed?


2. What percentage of aboriginals are Metis?


3. Who was an Olympic gold medalist and prominent activist for Gay and Lesbian Canadians?


4. When did the British Parliament pass the British North America Act?


5. Who was a great frontier hero, mounted policeman and soldier of the Queen?


6. Which famous poem is often recited on Remembrance day?


7. Who became the first head of  a responsible Government?


8. The Sovereign is a symbol of what?


9. Who is the head of Government?


10. How many judges form the Supreme Court of Canada?


11. Who are elected officials of Municipal (local) Governments?


12. The courts enforce the laws and the police settle disputes.


13. When is Sir John A. MacDonald day?


14. Canada’s official Coat of Arms contains symbols of which countries?


15. What are the official languages of Canada?


16. Canada is part of the G8 group of countries.


17. Which region of Canada contains one third of Canada’s land mass?


18. Why is the North often referred to as the “Land of the midnight sun“?


19. Which provincial capital city is home to the Navy’s Pacific fleet?


20. Which centuries old Company adopted the Beaver as its symbol?


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