Practice Test No.11


1. Which of the following is not a responsibility of citizenship?


2. Who are the Arcadians?


3. Following the war in 1759, what were the French speaking Catholic people of the Province of Quebec known as?


4. In 1813 Laura Secord made a dangerous 19 mile journey on foot to warn of a planned American attack. Her bravery contributed to a victory at which battle?


5. Which flag flew over Western Canada for 200 years before Confederation?


6. In which year did Quebec grant women the right to vote?


7. Which Canadian invented the world’s first cardiac pacemaker?


8. How many steps are there for a bill to become law?


9. How many judges are appointed to the Supreme Court of Canada?


10. Which of the following are the three parts of Parliament?


11. The political parties who are not in power are known as what?


12. What is Due Process?


13. In which year was the Peace Tower at the Parliament buildings completed?


14. What is the name of the honours system that Canada started in 1967?


15. When is Thanksgiving Day celebrated?


16. What is traditionally known as “the world’s longest undefended border?


17. What are the five distinct regions of Canada?


18. Canada has a population of around 32 million.


19. Which Province or Territory has Canada’s highest Mountain, Mount Logan?


20. Which famous author from P.E.I. wrote the book Anne of Green Gables, a story set in P.E.I. about the adventures of a little red headed orphan girl?


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