Practice Test No.14



1. What are Anglophones generally referred to as?


2. In 1985 who circled the globe in a wheelchair to raise funds for spinal chord research?


3. Which is NOT an example of a Canadian, Legal Court?


4. Which country invaded Canada in June 1812?


5. What does the Voter Information Card contain?


6. In the second world war, which beach was captured by the Canadians on D-Day?


7. What is Canada’s official, national motto?


8. What is the role of Opposition Parties?


9. When did the First World War end?


10. What is the first line of Canada’s Royal Anthem?


11. Who was a key architect of Confederation, came from Quebec, was a railway lawyer and a close ally of Sir john A. Macdonald?


12. Which two provinces neighbour Saskatchewan?


13. What are the three key facts about Canada’s system of Government?


14. The French and Aboriginal peoples collaborated to trade which product?


15. Who chose Ottawa as the Capital of Canada?


16. In which year were Aboriginal people granted the right to vote?


17. This province is the oldest colony of the British Empire and has its own time zone.


18. Which country is Canada’s largest trading partner?


19. What are the two official languages of Canada?


20. When was the latest design of the Canadian flag, raised for the first time in Canada?


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