Practice Test No.2


1. What is the Magna Carta also known as?


2. When did Ottawa formerly apologize to the former students of Residential Schools?


3. In what year did explorers Pierre de Monts and Samuel de Champlains settle in Canada?


4. Who led thousands of loyalist Mohawk Indians into Canada?


5. Who was Upper Canada’s first Lieutenant Governor and founder of York (now Toronto)?


6. Whose portrait appears on the $10 bill?


7. What is La Francophonie?


8. Including Canada, how many countries are members of the Commonwealth?


9. Who represents the Federal Government in the Territories?


10. Who appoints the Judges of the Supreme Court of Canada?


11. If the party in power holds more than half of the seats in the House of Commons, what type of Government is it?


12. What else is a Trial Court known as?


13. Which flag is Canada’s official Royal flag?


14. Which animal appears on the 5 cent coin?


15. In which year was O Canada proclaimed as the National Anthem?


16. What amount of Canadian exports are destined for the USA?


17. Canada is the largest country on earth.


18. How many distinct regions does Canada have?


19. Which province has the most easterly point in North America?


20. Which is the smallest province in Canada?


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