Practice Test No.3


1. In which year was the Constitution amended?


2. Which is a key phrase in Canada’s original constitutional document?


3. When was Unemployment Insurance introduced by the Federal Government?


4. Who was Mary Ann (Shadd) Carey?


5. In what year did the British Parliament abolish slavery?


6. From 1864 to 1867 representatives from where worked together to establish a new country?


7. Who built a French Empire that reached from Hudson Bay to the Gulf of Mexico?


8. What are the three branches of Government?


9. What is the final step of a Bill becoming a Law?


10. Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy.


11. Who MUST you tell how you voted in an election or referendum?


12. What do the Courts do?


13. Which sport plays for the Stanley Cup?


14. What is the name of Canada’s Air Demonstration Squadron?


15. What is the last line of the National Anthem?


16. What is meant by the term “children of a common mother”?


17. Which two provinces border Ontario?


18. The capital city of the Yukon Territory is Yellowknife.


19. This province boasts the world’s richest deposits of Uranium and Potash.


20. Located in Ontario, which is the largest fresh water lake in the world?


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