Practice Test No.5


1. What is the name for the right to challenge unlawful detention by the state?


2. From where are the ancestors of Aboriginals believed to have come from ?


3. When were Aboriginals granted the right to vote in elections?


4. Who passed the Quebec Act of 1774?


5. In what year did the British Parliament ban the buying and selling of slaves?


6. On what date did the Americans invade Canada?


7. Which Governor of United Canada introduced responsible Government?


8. What are the three parts to Parliament?


9. Who is the head of the Government in Canada?


10. Who chooses the Senators?


11. Who are the elected officials of the First Nations?


12. Which of the following are considered above the law?


13. In which year was the Canadian flag as we know it today, raised for the first time?


14. What is Canada’s official summer sport?


15. What is the first line of the Canadian Royal Anthem?


16. In which year did Canada enact free trade with the United States?


17. Which are the Prairie Provinces?


18. Which province is the birthplace of Confederation?


19. Which region in Canada is home to more than half of the Canadian population?


20. Which of Canada’s ports is the largest and busiest?


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