Practice Test No.6


1. What is seen as a noble way to contribute to Canada?


2. Who are the three founding peoples?


3. Which Canadian invented Basketball in 1891?


4. Who made a 19 mile journey on foot to warn of a planned American attack in 1813?


5. Who recommended that Upper and Lower Canada be merged and given Responsible Government?


6. Who was the first French Canadian Prime Minister since Confederation?


7. In 1921 who became Canada’s first woman member of parliament (MP)?


8. Who represents the Sovereign in the provinces?


9. Which of the following are NOT examples of Provincial responsibilities?


10. How many steps are there in a bill becoming a law?


11. Who produces the Voter’s List?


12. Which is Canada’s highest Court?


13. What is Canada’s own honours system called?


14. Who first adopted the Maple Leaf as their symbol?


15. When is Thanksgiving Day every year?


16. Which are Canada’s three main type of industries?


17. Which of the provinces is the main producer of pulp and paper?


18. In which province do one third of all Canadians live in?


19. How many Great Lakes are there?


20. Located in the Yukon, what is the name of the highest mountain in Canada?


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