Practice Test No.7


1. In Canada men and women are…..


2. Who said “Immigrants should retain their individuality and each make its contribution to the national character”?


3. Who was known as the “greatest living Canadian”?


4. Who by working together, helped defeat an American Invasion in 1812?


5. Why did British Columbia join Canada in 1871?


6. Who was Canada’s greatest soldier?


7. Which province was the first to allow women to vote?


8. Who is the head of state?


9. Who elects the members to the Houses of Parliament, Provincial Legislatures and the Territorial Legislatures?


10. Who is head of the Commonwealth?


11. As a Permanent Resident of Canada you are allowed to vote.


12. Who enforce Federal Laws throughout Canada?


13. Which flag was Canada’s flag before 1965?


14. What does Canada’s national motto “A Mari Usque As Mare” mean?


15. When is Labour Day celebrated every year?


16. In which year did Mexico become a partner in NAFTA?


17. What is the population size of Canada?


18. Which products are mined in the Northern Territories?


19. Which part of the Canadian Forces Reserves, keep the flag flying in Canada’s Arctic?


20. Which bay in Nova Scotia has the highest tides in the world?


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