Practice Test No.8


1. What are the additional rights summarized in the Canadian Chart of Rights and Freedoms?


2. Gay and Lesbian Canadians enjoy the full protection and equal treatment under the law


3. In 1985 who circled the globe in a wheelchair to raise funds for spinal chord research?


4. When did the name Canada start appearing on maps?


5. Who was Therese Casgrain?


6. Which country did Canada liberate in 1944-45?


7. What was the nickname of the 3,000 nurses who served in the Royal Canadian Army Corps?


8. What are the four types of Government in Canada?


9. In the Federal Government who selects the Cabinet Ministers?


10. How long is the Governor General’s term of office?


11. What happens when the Government of the day loses a confidence vote?


12. What principal is the Canadian justice system founded upon?


13. Which sport plays for the Clarkson cup?


14. The Peace Tower constructed in 1927 was built to commemorate what?


15. Which animal is Canada’s official animal?


16. Canada has one of the ten largest economies in the world.


17. Who were the Province of Alberta and Lake Louise named after?


18. Which provinces make up the Atlantic Provinces?


19. Which city is the second largest mainly French speaking city in the world after Paris?


20. Which is the only Great Lake that is completely in the USA?


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