Practice Test No.9


1. Canadian Law has several original sources. Which of these are part of them?


2. Who was Marjorie Turner-Bailey?


3. Who scored the winning goal in the 1972 Canada-Soviet summit ice hockey series, which is referred to as “the goal heard around the world“?


4. In 1670 who did King Charles III grant trading rights to?


5. When was D-Day?


6. Who was a great hero of New France, winning many victories over the British?


7. In what 1899-1902 war did 7,000 Canadians volunteer and 260 Canadians die?


8. Canada’s system of Government is a Federal state, a parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy.


9. Who is the current Governor General?


10. What are the two parts to provincial legislatures?


11. How many electoral districts are there? (As printed in the “Discover Canada” guide)


12. What happens if you are arrested and need a lawyer but cannot afford one?


13. In which year was O Canada first sung?


14. Which part of parliament was destroyed by an accidental fire in 1916?


15. Which act established equality between French and English in Parliament?


16. What is the main benefit of trading with other nations?


17. Which province(s) make up the West Coast?


18. Which province is home to the training academy of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)?


19. Which person is the highest mountain in Canada named after?


20. What is the meaning of the word Nunavut?


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