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List of practice exams for Canada Citizenship Test

We have compiled our own set of  Practice Quizzes for your Canada Citizenship Test. We have also scoured the internet for links to all the other free online mock exams so that you can link to them easily from one place. Bookmark this page so that you can come back and try all the tests.

Click on the links below to go to the Canada Citizenship Practice Tests.

Canada Citizenship Test practice exams can be fun and informative, even existing citizens can improve their knowledge of Canada.

Other FREE example Citizenship Tests:

All of the following links will open in new windows. These links are to other websites that offer FREE practice Canada citizenship tests.

We are not connected to these companies in any way. We do not receive any remuneration for these referrals. The comments about the links are based on our own experiences and opinions from having used the sites whilst studying for our own Canada citizenship test recently.

The key to passing your Canada citizenship test is to practice answering as many varied questions as possible!

1. Link No. 1 - Offers just 1 free Canada citizenship test. For further practice tests you must buy one of their packages.

2. Link No.2- The Richmond Public Library online test, supplied direct and allows you to download the mobile apps for Apple and Android. This site is funded by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

3. Link No.3 - Allows you to chose the number of questions you want to answer, up to 100. No province specific questions. But these are rare to see in the real test anyway. A nice selection of Canada citizenship test questions.

4. Link No.4 - Very similar to the Richmond Public Library test. Can choose your province and the number of questions to be asked. They do want you to buy their study package which comes with its own apps for mobile devices.

5.  Link No.5 -Ten separate practice tests. Each practice test comprising of 25 questions. (The real Canada citizenship test only has 20). Available in french, chinese, spanish, and arabic. Some questions (not many) are specific to Toronto, but otherwise a nice selection of questions. The website is not the easiest to use, however once you are used to it, it is worth while. We personally used this one quite often for our own practice.

6. Link No.6 -Although it has a nice selection of questions, this has to be the least user friendly test ever. The test is not at all interactive. The answers to the 60+ multiple choice questions are at the very bottom of the screen. To know if your answers are correct, you have to keep scrolling down to the end. The best way to use this test is for 2 people to use 2 different screens. One looking at the questions and answering and the other checking the  answers. Seeing it's from the Toronto Library you'd think the test would be interactive - Just like the Richmond Library test is!

7. Link No.7 -Very similar to the Richmond Public Library Canada citizenship test. One hundred questions. Easy to use and not trying to sell anything.

8. Link No.8 -This is an OK, no fuss website. Asks 90 questions. Easy to use.

9. Link No.9 -An OK selection of questions. Gives you an actual test which is timed. The one nice feature about this site is the link in the top right corner."Go to the free dates test". The only website that has a specific test of important, Canadian dates. Go any further into the website and you will be sold to.

10. Link No.10 -In case you haven't done so already, please try out our own selection of citizen practice tests! In our tests we also include the page number of the Discover Canada study guide where you can find the relevant information for the correct answer. This was something we wished we had had when we were studying!

We hope this list has helped you. We will add new links as and when we find them.

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